Tips for Buying-

Preview every auction

Examine items carefully

Decide what items you want to bid on

Calculate and jot down your maximum price

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: Items can go two per minute!

Merchandise must be paid for day of sale Merchandise must be removed before next sale


Auction Etiquette-


Handling Merchandise-

Careful inspection of items to determine their value is encouraged, but please use care to return the item in its exact location, items are grouped by seller and a misplaced item means the seller may not get paid for it.


Bidding- Bid as often as you like!  Keep in mind there is a 10% buyer's premium in effect (ie. if you are the high bidder at $10, you will be rung up for $11, a dollar goes to the house).  Body movements such as waving to a friend  are to be avoided as your wave may be misconstrued for a bid.


Food/Drink/Smoking Policy-Food  and drinks may be brought in or purchased from the food truck out back. There are no alcoholic beverages permitted on the premises. A covered smoking area is provided outside in full view of the auction proceedings.


Loud Talking/ Cell Phones-  Please be considerate of other bidders trying to hear, and take loud conversations and cell phone calls outside.


Inspection of Items on the "Block"-  You are welcome to come up to the front and briefly inspect any item while its up for bidding, but please keep this time to a minimum as you are impairing others' view, and be mindfull of auction employees working to add or remove sometimes heavy and cumbersome items.


Payment/Removal of Items-  Items you win are recorded on your tab and marked with your bidder number and placed in the bull pen area.  You may check out at any time but Please allow 10 minutes after your last purchase for your bill to be updated.  


We accept Cash, Debit  and Credit.  Please remove your purchased items  as soon as possible after the sale, we cannot store them past the next sale they will be resold.


Credit-  Our credit manager is Ms. Helen Waite.  If you need credit, go to Hell n wait.


We Sell Your Stuff Fast and EASY From a trunk load to entire estates.  Why go through the hassle of holding a garage sale, or selling individual things one at a time on Craigslist or Ebay and dealing with the packing, shipping, emails/phone calls at all hours of the night?  How much money are you throwing away each month on that storage unit?


 You could drag it to the curb and be done with it, but Its a great feeling to be free of your unwanted clutter AND have a wad of cash in your pocket.  You drop it off, and We auction it off !!!  We keep 30% and cut you a check!   Don’t Have a Truck??? Call and we’ll arrange for a large box van or truck with trailer to show up and load your stuff for just 10% extra (we sell it all and cut you a check for 60% of the total sale price).  


There is No easier way to sell your stuff, because we do all the work, You just cash your check!!! Call Jon @ (386) 255-9191 to schedule