NEXT AUCTION SALE  WILL BE SOUTH DAYTONA STORAGE  whole units for sale 2090 south Nova Daytona 3 units  on  DECEMBER 19 at 10am.     you never know? UNLESS YOU GO

  ESTATE SALE no pets & smoke free home at 10 Sunny Beach  ORMOND by the Sea is over the items still available are shown below and Next Auction  is  DECEMBER 19 thursday 10 am at South Daytona Storage 2090 south NOVA Daytona  call 386-255-9191 for more information

ESTATE sale  items left for  10 SUNNY BEACH Dr.  are listed below also  items in 2nd row available  anytime

 ESTATE SALE  items   available for SALE  anytime

  ITEMS at my home available  anytime and  much more

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